Episode 24: Katamari Damacy

Call your cousins, talk to your dad, and lets get rolling! This week, we are joined by special guest Audrey from Pod of Greed/Wow Cool Robot to talk about the soundtrack of the hit roll-em-up funny game Katamari Damacy. The soundtrack on this one is WILD and we love it! Let's see how huge we can make this episode!

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Episode 23: Bravely Default II

Are you... brave enough to tune in to this episode? Join Max and Giga and yes, even Jordan, as they tackle the JRPG hit Bravely Default II! Is the game good? Is the music good? Well, yeah, that's kind of the point. Imagine that I'm making a default joke here!

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Episode 22: Shadow of the Colossus

Agro! Join Max and Jordan as they, over the course of this episode, track down and righteously, virtuously kill 16 big beautiful beasts. It's good that you're doing this, actually! No moral quandaries here!

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Episode 21: Kingdom Hearts

Summon your Keyblade, board your Gummi Ship, and prepare to talk about a game that was baffling when it came out and even more baffling today! It's Kingdom Hearts, composed by Yoko Shimomura! This inexplicable 2002 Disney/Square Enix mashup game has since ballooned into mind-melting tangled mess of incomprehensible lore, but we're talking about the original that is....still kind of incomprehensible? (Actually we're talking about the 1.5 remix because it's the better version of the soundtrack). Come, guardian!

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A Completely Unedited Conversation About Monster Hunter Rise

We have a special surprise for you, hunters! Jordan, Max, and friends piled into the recording studio and discussed, goofed on, and ranted about the recently-released Monster Hunter Rise! Is the game good? Is the game bad? Tune in to find out!

(The title is not a bit, this wasn't really edited so apologies if it's somehow bad to listen to, but we all know it's perfect)


Episode 20: Portal 2

Let the testing begin! Tune in this week as Max and Jordan discuss the 2011 hit first-person puzzler Portal 2! Does the game's humor still hold up? Are the puzzles still mind-bending? Does the lore still matter??? You'll have to listen to the episode to find out!

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Donkey Kong Country (April Fools 2021)

They're finally here podcasting for you If you want the takes you can listen, too! Put your hands together if you want to clap as we pick the best DK Country slap!

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Episode 19: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This week on Slappers Only, Max and Jordan are joined by friend of the show and Zelda superfan Stephanie to talk about one of the series' most controversial, WiiMotion Plus waggling, harp-strumming games: Skyward Sword. One thing that's uncontroversial? The extremely good soundtrack!

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Episode 18: Hollow Knight

Doma! Domadomadoma! Haha! Listeners, if you couldn't tell, this week we are talking about Bug Game! Join Jordan and Max as they insectify themselves and shrink down into the world of Hallownest, discussing all of the delightful creatures, areas, and bits of lore strewn throughout the world! Watch out for that stinky orange goop!

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Episode 17: Persona 5

Put on your mask, tear off mask, and unleash your Persona! This week, Brooks from Chance Ball/Funpoint/PGOT/Yare Yare Boys joins us as we talk about the jazzy, funky, and insanely cool soundtrack of Persona 5! We also talk about if Jim Carrey was a Phantom Thief...and the Harlem Shake? I dunno, this one went a little of the rails. Freakin' Boring!

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